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CNC turning

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Are you looking for a company specialized in CNC turning in Joliette or the surrounding area? Contact Usinage CNC Production.

Our work

We create custom-made prototypes and design parts with cylindrical or axial elements as well as radial holes, veneers, grooves and notches. The material is cut by the rotation of the part, which is clamped in the chuck or the tips. We serve professionals throughout Quebec, including Montreal and Saint-Jérôme.

CNC Turning Joliette

Prototyping and design of special parts.

As CNC machining specialists, we offer various services
  • Manufacture of single parts or in mass
  • Prototype manufacturing
  • Surface treatment
  • Technical design
  • Delivery service
Our strengths
  • Over 17 years of experience in precision machining and surface treatment
  • Expertise
  • Technical know-how
  • Accuracy
  • Product quality and reliability
  • Competitive prices
We serve the whole of Quebec, including
  • Joliette
  • Montreal
  • Saint-Jérôme

Strengths and commitments

Our services include part turning, inspection and delivery. From the beginning to the end of operations, we demonstrate continuous concentration and consistency. We can work on any materials and manufacture cylindrical or conical shaped parts. Our 17 years of experience in precision machining enable us to meet the demands of professionals working in the transport, energy and papermaking sectors.

Over 17 years of experience in CNC turning.

CNC Turning Montreal

You can also get in touch with us online via our contact form.

Trusting us means benefiting from our flawless service and attractive prices.

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Usinage CNC Production also has a wide range of numerical control lathes of various turning capacities from small parts to very large dimensions, including hardened and non-hardened steel alloys, stainless steel, bronze and brass alloys, plastics, etc.

  • One Okuma Lathe L370 Life Tooling Turning Dia. ( 8 Pcs, X 15 Pcs, Leng)
  • One Okuma Lathe L1420 Turning Dia ( 18 Pcs. X 40  Pcs. Leng )
  • One DMC Lathe DL30 Turning Dia. ( 24  Pcs. X 68 Pcs. Leng )
  • One DMC Lathe DL 45m Turning Dia ( 28 Pcs X 89 Pcs. Leng )


Un Tour Okuma Crown L1420 Turning Dia (18 Pcs. X 40Pcs. Leng)
A Tour DMC DL30 Turning Dia. (24Pcs. X 68 Pcs. Leng)
A Tour DMC DL 45m Turning Dia (28Pcs X 89Pcs. Leng)
An Okuma L370 Life Tooling Turning Dia lathe. (8 Pcs, X 15 Pcs, Leng)