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Usinage CNC Production handles the machining, mechanical welding and assembly of parts from technical drawings provided by its customers according to the quality standards required. The products are made to measure from materials specified on the quotation.

Our company is a leading machining workshop offering small and medium volume machining and assembly services, with predetermined annual quantities for certain customers. The parts are therefore produced in small and medium batches, either for mass production or for the development of prototypes. The main technology used for manufacturing this type of parts is numerical control machining.

Usinage CNC Production is also able to offer value-added products by combining its machining service with a welding and assembly service for the parts manufactured (mechanically assembled).


Quality of service is the number priority of the managers at Usinage CNC Production and is one of the determining factors in customer loyalty. It also is an important factor that ensures the company's viability in this industry, which is always looking for reliable and top-quality suppliers.

The success of Usinage CNC Production is mainly based on the following aspects:

  • Superior quality of finished products
  • Strict adherence to delivery deadlines
  • Higher-level customer/vendor interaction
  • Maintaining competitive prices
  • Respect for its employees

Usinage CNC Production aims for a profitability that will ensure its longevity while respecting its employees who are at the very heart of its success.


Usinage CNC Production inc. is conveniently located in Joliette, at the heart of Québec to better serve clients from the surrounding areas. It is also close to the main highways for easy access.

Our services at CNC Production Inc. cover mainly CNC machining using software such as CAD/CAM, combined with mechanized welding assembly and specific mechanical assemblies. Besides, we see to it that our products are always compliant with the client’s quotation, norms and requirements.

The workshop offers state-of-the-art machining and manufacturing services for both single-unit production and mass production of parts requiring periodic deliveries (or releases) in small, medium and large batches.

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